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UC Irvine Career Breakthrough Seminar Series: A President's Story

In partnership with University Extension and the UCI Career Center, the UCI Alumni Association presents a recorded series of career advancement webinars. They are free of charge and available to all alumni across the globe.

UC Irvine Career Breakthrough Seminar Series: A President's Story

Prior to being president of Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas, Tomo Mizutani served as President of NItto Tire USA, based in Cypress. He shared his inspiring story, business perspective, advice from the executive suite, and outlook on marketing and the global supply chain.

Presented by: Tomo Mizutani, President of Toyo Tires 
Moderated by:
Jeff Minhas, Interim Associate Director, UCI Alumni Association
April 1, 2014; Recording approx. 60 min.

UC Irvine Career Breakthrough Seminar Series: Social Branding and Career Advancement

Whether you’re starting your first job or trying to advance in your career, this seminar will give you strategies you can use to make the most of your career. Join UC Irvine Alumni, the UC Irvine Career Center and UC Irvine Extension for a unique simulcast seminar and webinar. Gain social branding strategies you can use to make the most of your career advancement and business. Listen to expert advice and gain a competitive advantage in career and business advancement.

Presented by:
Tim Callen, Managing Partner, RBT Agency
Debbie Miller, founder, SocialHospitality.com
Jonalyn Morris, Public Relations, Consultant

Moderated by:
Jeff Minhas, Executive Director, UCI Alumni Association
Oct. 22, 2013; Recording approx. 60 min

UC Irvine Career Breakthrough Seminar Series: Tips and Insight from HR Leaders

Alice White, Vice President Human Resources for Allergan Inc. and Jim Shaw, Talent Acquisition Specialist for Toshiba will share their perspectives, giving you insight into creating your unique competitive advantage in the workplace.

Presented by:
Alice White, Vice President Human Resources, Allergan Inc.
Jim Shaw, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Toshiba America Information Systems

Moderated by:
Christy Cates, Senior Executive Director, University Advancement Human Resources
May 7, 2013; Recording approx. 60 min.

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Salary Negotiation: How to Get What You are Worth

Negotiating can be a nerve racking activity that produces anxiety and more questions than answers. Do you take what is offered? Should you negotiate for more? What else can you ask for? As a mid-career professional, how do you negotiate a salary increase and move up in the organization? If you are changing careers, how can you leverage your past career to your best advantage in your new career? In this interactive workshop, you'll explore the rules of negotiation, learn how to navigate the negotiation process, as well as get answers to some common negotiation questions. You'll gain a better understanding of the types of questions you should be asking for during a salary negotiation, what factors you should consider during negotiation, and ways to negotiate effectively as a new employee or mid-career employee.

Presented by Christine Kelly, University Extension Instructor 
December 12, 2012; Recording approx. 60 min
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Boost Your Interviewing IQ: Interviewing Skills

Transform your interview performance and land your ideal job. This free lunchtime webinar will give you specific strategies to ace the interview process including: understanding competency and behavioral-based questions; mastering all types of interviews such as video interviews, phone screens, and face-to-face interviews; addressing salary discussions; dressing for success; presenting and selling yourself confidently; getting your body language right; and following-up after the interview. 

Presented by Holly Davis, Career Counselor 
December 4, 2012; Recording approx. 60 min

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Resume Writing: How to Get Your Resume Noticed

Having a good resume is the key to success in getting the job of your dream. In this lunchtime webinar, you'll discover how an effective resume can increase your marketability and enhance your job search. The webinar will cover the purpose of a resume, when you need it and when you don't, and ways to best structure your resume for maximum effectiveness.  Receive step-by-step instruction on how to build a compelling resume that grabs the reader's attention and succinctly defines your value to your potential employer. You'll also learn how to generate cover letters that get noticed. Discover the latest trends in hiring practices and what companies are looking for.

Presented by Julie LaCroix, Career Counselor 
November 27, 2012; Recording approx. 60 min.
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Career Building in a Tough Economy: Networking

Standing out in the job market is now more crucial than ever and professional networking is the key! This free lunchtime webinar will give you specific strategies to jumpstart your career search including: networking for connection, not just contact; appearing under or overqualified; creating and broadcasting your unique brand; addressing limited work history for recent grads; and staying on top of your game. 

Presented by Kirwan Rockefeller, Ph.D., Acting Director, Special Projects, University Extension 
Tuesday, August 7, 2012; Recording approx. 60 min.