UCI Homecoming - Exploration Programs

UCI Homecoming - Exploration Programs

Experience UCI’s exciting innovations and activities as your schools welcome you home with showcase programs, lectures and receptions. Registration required.

Homecoming registration is now closed. We look forward to welcoming the alumni community back to campus on January 31. The following events are open to all and do not require registration beforehand:

2-6 p.m. --Homecoming Festival in Aldrich Park,

7-9 p.m. --Live Watch Party at the Newkirk Alumni Center


1:00-3:00 p.m. — Adventures in Physics: Quantum Circuits

School of Physical Sciences

Location: Physical Sciences Lecture Hall (PSLH)
Description: This exciting physics show and lecture will entertain children and adults of all ages! Professor Bill Heidbrink and his team will kick off the event with a lively show demonstrating concepts of electricity. Learn about voltage, current and resistance. Watch the jumping ring and the can crusher, and participate in educational hands-on activities. Professor Phil Collins will present Quantum Circuits, a brief introduction to how electricity gets weird as circuits shrink smaller and smaller to the quantum limits.  We’ll discuss the quantum physics already in your smartphone and cutting-edge research into nanoelectronics of the future. Following the demonstrations and lecture, UCI students will host a Q&A session about life in college. This event honors the legacy of John Rosendahl, Instructional Programs Director in the Department of Physics & Astronomy from 1987 – 2012. He created memorable lecture demonstrations that were seen by more than 50,000 students, and conducted physics assemblies for K-12 schools. 



1:00- 5:00 p.m. — Documenting the Past & Highlighting the Present

UCI Libraries

Location: Langson Library Lobby
Description: First, learn about all the new enhancements to the UCI Libraries including the Multimedia Resource Center, Digital Scholarship Services, Orange County & Southeast Asian American (OC & SEAA) Center and more.  Next, explore materials from the University Archives and view the “Birth of a Campus” documentary, to learn more about UCI’s bright past. And share your own memories of the UCI Libraries on social media with historical photos from different eras. Lastly, view the Libraries’ Fall Exhibit “From Bean To Brew: Coffee & Culture” and learn how far a coffee bean really has to travel to your cup every day and the unique coffeehouse culture in Orange County.





2:30- 3:30 p.m. — 50 Years of Memories

Ayala School of Biological Sciences

Location: Biological Sciences III Lecture Hall
Description: Dr. James McGaugh, Research Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior and founding Chair of UCI's Department of Psychobiology (now Neurobiology and Behavior) will be presenting "50 Years of Memories at UCI." Topics presented include, Dr. McGaugh's story as a faculty member and administrator and Biological Sciences/UCI's history.





2:30- 3:30 p.m. — Discovery Nursing Science Program

Program in Nursing Science

Location: Berk Hall
Description: This program will be a dynamic, hands-on experience exploring Nursing Science.  Hear the latest research from faculty and graduate students and explore clinical experiences in the Hospital Bed Simulation Lab and the Clinical “Mock Patient” simulation area.





2:30- 3:30 p.m. — Innovation in Medical Research and Teaching — School of Medicine Open House

School of Medicine

Location: Medical Education Building (#836)/ Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center
Description: The School of Medicine will host an open house featuring innovations in research and medicine.  The open house will include demonstrations of Google Glass, iMedEd, and Portable Ultrasound as well as tours of the Simulation Center and the Bill and Sue Gross Stem Cell Research Center.





2:30- 3:30 p.m. — Pursuing a Career in Public Interest Law

School of Law

Location: EDU 1111
Description: Public interest careers encompass many areas of the law that serve the public and underrepresented communities, and can include work with nonprofits, government, and policymakers. Public interest careers are fulfilling and rewarding, but getting a public interest job can present unique challenges.  Come engage with a group of UCI Law alumni who practice public interest law, and learn how they got there.  They will provide practical insight on issues like how to approach law school, how to create and maintain relationships with other public interest law students and attorneys, and how to look for jobs.





2:30- 3:30 p.m. — Experience the Samueli School Difference 

Samueli School of Engineering

Location: Engineering Tower 436 and 452
Description: Hosted by Ed Tackett and Ben Dolan. The RapidTech Center works with education, industry and the community to promote the adoption, implementation and advancement of rapid technologies including additive manufacturing and 3D printing while supporting emerging and ongoing workforce development. Laser cut your own bookmark and take it home!





2:30- 3:30 p.m. — Expanding Minds Through Education

School of Education

Location: Education Building (Berkeley Place North), Suite 3200
Description: UCI’s School of Education is at the forefront of expanding minds through education.  You are invited to visit the EDU building and discover techniques for developing the working memory; test your math skills by learning about the latest problem-solving techniques being used in the classroom.  Take part in a bean bag toss for great prizes.  Caps and gowns in all sizes will be available for a photo op with Dean Vandell.  Personalized certificates will be presented to ‘little graduates’.  Student research projects will be showcased throughout. Plenty of giveaways, treats and fun for children of ALL ages!





2:30- 3:30 p.m. & 3:30-4:30 p.m. — The Graduate Resource Center Showcase

Graduate Division

Location: Graduate Resource Center
Description: The UCI Graduate Resource Center is working at the frontier of graduate student affairs. Come tour the expanded location, learn about the programs that prepare UCI graduate students for their future's and how alumni can get involved in training these aspiring leaders. Come meet, mingle, grab a giveaway and reconnect!





3:00- 5:00 p.m. — Reconnecting with Student Enrichment Programs

Division of Undergraduate Education

Location: Student Services II
Description: Come visit and explore the 12+ programs offered by the Division of Undergraduate Education to UCI students that provide academic support and enrichment on their path to academic success. These programs serve students campuswide and often play a significant role in students’ university experience. The units include the ANTrepreneur Center, Campuswide Honors Program, Capital Internship Program (UCDC and Sacramento), Civic and Community Engagement, International Peer Group, Learning and Academic Resource Center, Student Support Services, Study Abroad Center, Transfer Student Center, Undecided/Undeclared Advising, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, and UTeach.




3:30- 4:30 p.m. — Transformation and Translation in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Location: Natural Sciences 1 (NatSci 1), Room 1114
Description: Changes in pharmaceutical sciences undoubtedly will have notable implications for all of us.  In a dynamic and engaging “Did You Know?” format, world-renowned faculty will share intriguing facts about our bodies, as well as how scientific and public policy decisions will change how we take care of ourselves in the future.





3:30- 4:30 p.m. — New Merage School Building Showcase

The Paul Merage School of Business

Location: SB1 (New Business School Building)
Description: Get a sneak preview before our New Building Open House and 50th Anniversary Celebration on May 8, 2015. Stop by the Merage School to see how the School has grown – all five new floors!




3:30- 4:30 p.m. — Arts Alive in the Plaza

Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Location: The Little Theatre, Humanities Hall
Description: This will be an imaginative and informative overview of CTSA’s 50 year history and vision for its future hosted by Interim Dean Stephen Barker.  Along with reconnecting with the arts alumni, there will also be vignettes of current performances on campus in dance, drama and music to feature some of the talent at CTSA.  Finally, guests are invited to explore the current art exhibitions in the University Art Galleries before they head back to Aldrich Park.




3:30- 4:30 p.m. — What's the Big Deal About Big Data? 

Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences

Location: Calit2 Building
Description: Technological developments have led to a substantial increase in the amount of data available for scientific investigations, business decisions and government planning.  Researchers at the School of Information and Computer Sciences describe their efforts to develop computational infrastructure to handle the large data sets, to improve methods and tools for analysis and prediction, and to assess the social impacts of ubiquitous data collection.




3:30- 4:30 p.m. — Humanities Your Way

School of Humanities

Location: Humanities Hall
Description: Humanities Your Way is an interactive activity-based tour through the School of Humanities. Select featured activities include smart phone-based language learning, edible education, and the art of DIY journaling.




4:30- 5:30 p.m. — 50 Years of Frontier Research: From Learning by Doing at The Farm to Neuro-Robotics

School of Social Sciences

Location: Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway Lobby
Description: Join the School of Social Sciences as we explore 50 years of Frontier Research.  Starting with the Cognitive Science family of robots and see them in action as Professor Jeff Krichmar demonstrates their exciting and innovative capabilities. Next, travel back to 1968, where UCI hosted an experiment in intercultural exchange and artistic and social scientific learning through practice.  Special guest, Robert Kett, author of Learning by Doing at The Farm will present an exhibit  illuminating a forgotten history of UC Irvine.




4:30- 5:30 p.m. — School of Social Ecology Timeline

School of Social Ecology

Location: Social Ecology 1, First Floor Lobby
Description: The School of Social Ecology will be holding a reception to showcase the school's historical timeline that celebrates its unique accomplishments over the past 45 years.




4:30- 5:30 p.m. — GHREAT Strides Towards Global Health Leadership and Awareness

Program in Public Health

Location: Crescent Bay A/B, UCI Student Center
Description: Hear three 20-minute presentations forthe Public Health Program: 1.) About GHJC: Hear a certificate program recipient speak about the program and how it prepared them for global health work; 2.) UCI Global Health Research: Faculty will discuss their current research topics and participate in a roundtable debate on what disease is most important; 3.) Outbreak on an Airplane, An Interactive Education: Using Ebola as a case study, this program will show what happens with an unknown outbreak, how we react, who should get treatment or vaccine, and more.




4:30- 5:30 p.m. — Come Here. Go Far. Alumni Tell Their Stories of International Success

Office of Global Engagement

Location: Newport Beach A, UCI Student Center (4th Floor)
Description: Ever considered an international career or wondered about where in the world our alumni have jobs? Just as countries have become interconnected worldwide, so, too, have colleges, universities and corporations. In the 21st century, higher education and the job market are explicitly, and fundamentally, global enterprises.  This program is a great opportunity to hear from alumni who have taken their UC Irvine education to international levels.




1/30-1/31 — "Community-Based Science in the Artic" with UCI Program on Artic Governance

UCI School of Law, Newkirk Center for Science & Society

Location: UCI School of Law
Description: The aim of this two-day program is to explore ideas of what is needed for maintaining or improving governance, primarily but not exclusively environmental, in the Arctic region. The program will end with a session showcasing research by scholars who are working in the area of participatory science in the Arctic.