Cap & Gown FAQS


Do I have to wear a Cap & Gown during my ceremony?

Yes, appropriate regalia is required for all ceremonies. The required items include a cap, gown, and tassel (and hood for Master's and Doctorate students).

What is included in my Cap & Gown package?

For bachelor's students, your package includes a cap, a gown, and official UC Irvine tassel. Master's & doctorate students also will receive a school-specific hood in addition to the cap, gown, and tassel.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Cash, check, MasterCard and Visa are all accepted forms of payment. We do not accept Discover or American Express. ID required for all credit transactions.

How much does the Cap & Gown package cost?

Pricing will be posted soon.

How do I know what size gown I need to order?

Your gown size is based on your height. Caps are one size fits all.

Can I order my Cap & Gown package online?

No. Cap and Gown packages can only be purchased in person at Grad Expo. If you cannot make it to Grad Expo yourself, please send someone on behalf. They will need to know your height, your student ID number, and contact information.

When will I get my Cap & Gown package?

You will receive your cap & gown package on the spot when you purchase it at Grad Expo.

I am out of town. What if I can't attend Grad Expo? Can someone else order and pick up my Cap & Gown for me?

Yes. You may send someone to purchase and pick up your package for you. They will not need to provide written consent from you. All they need is your personal contact information including student ID number to complete the order form as well as your height for sizing purposes.

Do I return my regalia after my ceremony?

The UCI student regalia program is a purchase, not rental, program for all students except MBA, Law and Medicine doctoral students. All other students will keep their regalia sets after the commencement ceremonies.

I already have a gown and only need my cap/tassel/hood. Where can I purchase these items?

Graduating students will be able to purchase single official UC Irvine tassels, rhinestone "2018" tassels, caps or hoods at Grad Expo. Gowns are not available for individual purchase. No walk-up sales at the Newkirk Alumni Center.

Is there/can I buy an individual school color tassel?

No. All tassels are the official University of California, Irvine blue and gold tassel.

Are sashes and stoles required?

Sashes and stoles are not required but if students would like them, they can be purchased at The Hill.

Where can I get extra commencement tickets?

The UCI Alumni Association does not control any of the ticketing for Commencement. Please consult for information.