Carlos Feliciano

Immediate Past President, Young Alumni Council


Criminal Investigator,

Office of Inspection General, U.S Department Homeland Security


UC Irvine – 2006, B.S., social ecology


Carlos grew up in Hayward, CA, and always had a passion for public service. 

While attending Moreau Catholic High School, Carlos served on the sudent academic advisory council, campus ministry team, and served as a Police Explorer for the Union City Police Department. 

While at UC Irvine, Carlos continued to pursue public service by co-founding the Lobby Core Program, was selected as a U.S. Marshal Intern, was elected as Board Chair for the UC Student Association, and was elected President Associated Students of UCI. 

Upon graduation from UC Irvine, Carlos was hired as a program analyst and promoted to Criminal Investigator for the Office of Inspection General (OIG), U.S Department Homeland Security (DHS). The mission of the OIG is "to be agents of positive change who aid the Department of Homeland Security in continuously improving its management and program operations."

Outside of work, Carlos is a mentor for UC Irvine Alumni and is an active member/group leader with the UC Irvine Young Alumni Council. Carlos is an honorary member of UC Irvine Campus Wide Honors Program and a member of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity who's motto is "The Great Joy of Serving Others."