Akaash Prasad

Young Alumni Council MemberAkaash Prasad

Digital Marketing Consultant, Verizon


UC Irvine – 2014, B.A., social sciences


Moving around a lot as a young child, Akaash found his home in sunny Southern California 20 years ago. In college and beyond, he developed a curiosity for how businesses connect to their customers, and so dove into a career in marketing.

As a UC Irvine freshman, Akaash was undecided on his major – and his future. It wasn’t until his second year that he settled on Economics; it scratched his itch of understanding how the world works from a business-consumer standpoint. He also joined an on-campus organization, Global Microfinance Brigades, in which he went on a humanitarian mission to rural Honduras to help a village grow their microeconomy. Coupled with an internship at a local marketing agency, Akaash fell in love with marketing as a discipline and decided on it as his career.

Outside of work, Akaash is an avid (but amateur) photographer, basketball player and fan (Go Lakers!), and travel addict. He enjoys being one with the mountains – snowboarding, hiking, or otherwise relaxing in the crisp alpine air – but also enjoys reading and the occasional Netflix binge.

As a member of the Young Alumni Council, Akaash strives to spread the Anteater spirit to grow personally and professionally, giving alumni the opportunity to reconnect with their alma mater and peers. He is also passionate about spreading awareness of marketing as a career option to undergraduates, and seeks to connect the many marketing alumni that reside in the Orange County and surrounding areas.