Become a Board Member

Board of Directors with Chancellor Gillman

General Responsibilities

Promote the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the association on and off campus in an effort to enrich the lives of alumni and engage them in a lifelong advancement of UC Irvine.

Download: UCIAA Board Member application

NOTE: Be sure to include a current bio, headshot photo and resume/CV with your completed application. Please submit all materials to Jeff Minhas at by Friday, April 10, 2020



  • Degreed alumnus/a of UCI
  • Member of UCIAA in good standing (Click here to join UCIAA)
  • Previous UCIAA committee experience or volunteer experience at UC Irvine
  • Be able to serve a minimum of a two-year term
  • Willingness to work with persons regardless of age, race, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socio-economic background


Principal Expectations

  • Serve as university and association ambassadors by staying well informed and sharing the university’s mission, successes, strategies, programs, strengths and needs to alumni, external networks and circles of influence, increasing awareness of the Association in the community.

  • Provide advice and counsel to the leadership of the UCI Alumni Association and the university with regards to alumni relations and the business of the Association.

  • Assist the University and Alumni Association in identifying and implementing programming that will enhance the student and alumni experience at UCI, thus helping to mold more loyal alumni.

  • Be knowledgeable on the Association’s Bylaws, key policies and operations.

  • Comply with the Association’s Code of Ethics, Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policies, file an annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure in writing, and immediately inform the Board President and Governance Committee Chair if circumstances change that might affect the Director’s compliance with these policies.

  • Attend orientation, quarterly meetings, be informed of agenda items, read material in advance, and contribute knowledgably and respectfully through thought provoking questions and comments.

  • Serve actively on one or more standing committees or task groups, and offer to take on special assignments.

  • Participate in alumni and community leadership activities and identify individuals in the community for volunteer participation and support.

  • Identify new potential board members who would actively and effectively serve on the Board.Board members provide philanthropic support to the university and UCI Alumni Association for alumni driven initiatives and serve as ambassadors at alumni and campus-wide events.

Term of Office

Elected members serve a term of two years, starting July 1. Additional term limits as described in the UCIAA bylaws may apply.


Accountability & Guidance

Accountable to the membership of the association through the board of directors and president in accordance with the UCIAA bylaws; to the state of California and the federal government for adherence to laws and regulations regarding non-profit corporations. Guidance from the president, officers, executive director, committee liaisons and staff.