UCIAA has assembled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our membership program. Click on the question below to find your answer.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, e-mail us at or give us a call at (800) 824-2466 (toll free).

Why should I join?

  • Stay Connected: Memberships in UCIAA provide networking opportunites, as well as opportunities to stay in contact with the university and connect with classmates and friends.
  • Build a Legacy: Help preserve campus traditions and build a lasting legacy for future Anteaters.
  • Maintain Degree Integrity: Strengthen the merit of your degree by strengthening the standing of the university and supporting advocacy efforts on behalf of UCI. 
  • Benefits: Membership has its rewards, click here for a complete list of discounts and privileges.


Why does UCI Alumni have a membership program?

  • Enrichment: Membership grants exclusive access to benefits and programs designed to enhance the lives of alumni.
  • Development: Membership provides funding to support scholarship and student programs, chapters and clubs, events, career services, online services and publications.
  • Recognition: Membership serves as a measure of alumni participation for the university and helps to increase UCI's national ranking.
  • Advocacy: Membership supports advocacy efforts designed to preserve and advance UCI and the interests of its alumni.

General membership is free. Why should I pay for an annual or lifetime membership?

General membership provides e-mail forwarding, access to the online directory and the monthly e-newsletter. Each membership tier offers different benefits. Join as an annual or lifetime member and gain access to additional benefits and exclusive privileges.


How long does it take to process my membership?

Memberships materials are mailed within two to four weeks of payment receipt.


What is in my membership packet?

Membership packets include your personalized membership card, detailed discount redemption information and pride decal.


Does UCI Alumni offer an installment option for lifetime memberships?

Yes. If you are interested in becoming a lifetime member of the association, an installment option with monthly payments is available when you sign up for your membership online. Click here to see your membership options.


I lost my membership card, how do I get a new card?

E-mail or call us at: or (949) 824-2586.


If I become a UCI Alumni member, can I get remote online library access?

Remote online access to the online library is currently restricted to student use only. However, lifetime members of UCIAA can access the EBSCOhost online research database, which provides access to close to 2,050 peer-reviewed journals as well as indexes and abstracts for more than 7,380 publications in nearly every area of academic study.


Do I need to be a UCI Alumni member to sign-up for a lifetime e-mail forwarding address?

No, the service is available to all UCI alumni.