Club Affiliate Program


Club Affiliate Program

The UCI Alumni Association (UCIAA) Club Affiliate Program is for registered campus organization (RCOs) interested in building and leveraging their alumni network to support professional development of their members. UCIAA strives to empower RCOs proactively and independently to connect and engage with alumni by providing applicable resources, training, and guidance. In exchange, club affiliates will further the mission of UCIAA by creating their own alumni programming and participating in UCIAA student events among other things.


The Alumni Association supports club affiliates in the following ways:

  1. Direct Access to UCIAA Staff: Alumni and Student Engagement Manager is available to meet with club affiliate members to provide guidance and discuss alumni engagement strategy.
  2. Alumni Outreach Support: With advance notice, UCIAA can assist with identifying and/or contacting key alumni for your event or program.
  3. Priority in the Student Alumni Engagement Sponsorship (SAES): Club affiliates who apply to the Student Alumni Engagement Sponsorship (SAES) funding program will receive additional points during the application review process.
  4. Publicity and Marketing: Submit your event to be added to the Alumni Association's website.
  5. Workshops and Resources: Access to UCIAA led workshops and resources to support alumni engagement efforts.
  6. Event Partnership: With advance notice, the Alumni Association can partner on events that align with its mission.
  7. Alumni Giveaways: Contact the Alumni and Student Engagement Manager to request alumni branded giveways to give to alumni participants.
  8. Newkirk Alumni Center Room Reservations: Club affiliates can reserve rooms at the Newkirk Alumni Center for alumni-related events only. Room reservation fees are waived but additional fees such as after-hours staffing will be incurred to the club.
  9. Additional Funding: Earn up to $250 in funding for your organization by participating in our Quarterly Affiliates Contest.


To affiliate with the Alumni Association, RCO’s must complete the following requirements:

  1. Host a minimum of one event/program (i.e. panel, networking, workshop, mixer, career talk, etc.) that connect UCI students with alumni
  2. Promote and attend Alumni Association and/or Student Alumni Association events (i.e. Dinners with Anteaters, What Matters to Me and Why, Alumni Back 2 Campus, etc.)
  3. Submit membership rosters on a quarterly basis so we can keep track of your alumni for your club in perpetuity
  4. Submit event attendee lists for all alumni-related events so we can track participation and build an invite list for your future events
  5. Attend quarterly affiliate meetings to stay updated on Alumni Association activities and gain helpful strategies and tips on how to build and leverage your alumni network
  6. Participate and table/booth at UCI Homecoming Festival (Winter Quarter) to engage with alumni and raise awareness about your organization
  7. Meet with Alumni and Student Engagement Manager for any large scale alumni events to discuss and develop alumni engagement strategies


Attention: We are no longer accepting applications for this academic year (2019-2020). The application window will reopen Fall 2020.

To request to affiliate with the UCI Alumni Association, please complete and submit the Club Affiliate Application: by Friday, November 8 (Week 6). Following submission of the application, the Alumni and Student Engagement Manager will be in touch with you regarding next steps. Affiliates must attend a quarterly meeting and have a minimum of two representatives in attendance.


April Hul '13
Alumni and Student Engagement Manager
UCI Alumni Association

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Staff Contact:

April Hul '13
Alumni and Student Engagement Manager
UCI Alumni Association